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Privacy Policy

With your registration as a volunteer, you are being asked to provide personal information in order to assess your capability to be deployed during an emergency event, including but not limited to verification of health professional licensure and background check. The information will be used to contact you about the need for your volunteer services, to coordinate your services, to conduct any follow up issues after your deployment and /or seek reimbursement from third parties.

If you are indicating interest in joining a Wisconsin MRC Unit or WI-1 DMAT as part of your WEAVR registration process, that organization's coordinator/leader will also receive the information and use this data to contact you. Your MRC Unit coordinator or the WI-1 DMAT leader will require you to provide additional information prior to membership, training, and possible deployment for that organization.

Any questions about the WEAVR Terms of Service and Privacy Policy should be directed to dhsweavrmail@wi.gov.

This information is accurate and true to the best of my knowledge.